The O in Oahu

Alright, I hear ya! Yes, I didn’t include pics of Oahu in my blog thus far so here are some now.

I kind of give Oahu mixed reviews because it’s a more commercial island. I knew innately that I was going to avoid Waikiki and Honolulu because from my google research it reminded me of Bondi Beach in Australia. Bondi is great with cafe and Bondi markets but is over commercialised and very ‘touristy’.

My first impressions weren’t that great I felt that Oahu being the main island hadn’t quite met my expectations of the Hawai’i I had romanticised about. Lush and tropical rain forests and jungle fauna, giant mountains like the one I saw on sesame street when Mr Snuffleupagus was supposedly from Hawai’i and a mountain at that (Mount Ihu Papa’a Lo’ihi Nui), crystal clear beaches and beautiful ocean views. Um…didn’t get that on my first day…got traffic jams and not so great views.


So then I discovered the real hidden gems of this ‘comercial island’ – Introducing Waianae (West Oahu) and Kailua (South Oahu).

DSC_0074DSC_0090 DSC_0107 DSC_0109 DSC_0136 DSC_0139 DSC_0190 DSC_0197 DSC_0222 DSC_0223

I am going to try and put you off Waianae here because it’s not for the faint hearted. If you are scared of the ‘locals’ and really don’t want to mix with them you sound like a true tourist in which case  you would suit being on Waikiki and staying there. I say this because I get tired of people telling me how ‘ghetto’ Waianae is. From the same people who have no problems going to Jolibee chicken in Waipahu to ‘grind down on fried chicken’…what the??

Don’t get it twisted, there are some social problems in Waianae just like any other place on earth. I noticed a lot of tourists I have bumped into at the bus stop or Alamo bench down on Nimmitz Highway in Honolulu have all dished out the same advice to me. AVOID WAIANAE. Um…gee? Could that be because there are REAL Hawaiian’s there? One wonders…

I am a Polynesian for crying out loud!! The height of insanity is believing all the lies that this world tells you, mass media, history books, the so called education and indoctrination and enforcement of one perspective and one belief system that constantly and consistently tells you that you are too brown or too black, too conscious, too political, too angry – get over it!, or not educated enough, not good enough, too ugly etc

I don’t fit the “ideal” of this world and I’m glad, in fact I’m PROUD that I don’t because it is in my uniqueness, my differences not only in my physical make up but cultural and spiritual as well that make me a person who is against this so called system that you call a “cool world”. Why is it cool?? Because you said so? Who sets the standards here…mass media? Lady gaga or some emaciated model with air brushed albino skin and photoshopped blue eyes tells you this world is “cool” only if you are some big hot shot. Yeah, I live in L.A….I’m like studying acting and I only eat organic, I am a vegan only when I’m not wearing leather and I got my college degree because I’m only like 23 years old and my blog is so much better than yours because I climbed Machu Pechu with my ex boyfriend that dumped me during spring break in Cancun so I like got my middle class, credit card welding, parents to buy me a ticket to Hawaii. I’m like sipping on starbucks caramel latte writing about this “cool tee-kee bar” place I found in like Why-kee-kee that still serves a killer mai tai and the waitress’s wear rollerskates and sport 60’s chignon’s….Waianae?? R U 4 Real??

Yes bitch! I am 4 Real because I AM REAL!!! As real as the people in Waianae. Brown and Proud.

Seriously I realised what it was about Waikiki and Honolulu I was trying to avoid and I finally worked it out – other Tourist’s!



2 thoughts on “The O in Oahu

  1. CheeeeeHooooo, you go girl …. you awesome goddess you. I luv hearing you be so real. I have thought of you soooo many times and yet I have allowed so much time to pass between contacting you. You are still warm in my heart and sweet on my mind my sister. Sending you choicest blessings …

    • Aloha!!! It’s great to hear from you…I hope your doing well over there…going to the healing ponds etc. Don’t worry about time, he’s not a gentleman at all in fact he’s a real thief! He doesn’t touch warriors though 🙂 Arohanui Sister xox

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