Art School Fail’s

Spring cleaning often digs up some real artifacts like some of my student artwork which thankfully were covered in large plastic sleeves so they didn’t have to bite the dust.

Among these “gems” were some nude figure drawings in ink and charcoal drawings that I remember having to do in quick succession and the outcome was obvious to say the least.

Ink, Charcoal on Cartridge paper

Male nude drawing – Ink and Charcoal on cartridge paper

I thought I would share some of my art school fails, I had stored them in my parents garage at one time and during a big spring clean my Dad decided to toss them out along with the rest of the undesirables that a major clean up can carry. Fortunately, I came by to help out and found my beloved art school drawings still in good tact. They are not perfect and are not worth anything to anybody else but they are priceless to me because they are a part of me – good or bad, these drawings came from inside me.


Female nude drawing – Ink and Charcoal on cartridge paper

Oh, look! Here’s another drawing done in pastels, I am not a big fan of pastels and my observation skills are off the mark here.  I don’t mind using oil pastels they seem to have a more beautiful fluidity to them because of the oil in them but otherwise I just can’t stomach the dry feeling you can get from drawing with pastels. I used to cringe at this picture below because I could see all the faults but after all these years I kind of like all the mistakes. I’m no Rembrandt or De Vinci, I never related to those Artist’s anyway – I did love Seraphine Louis though, I guess I related to her in some way.

Pastel on black cartridge paper

Pastel on black cartridge paper

She didn’t really give a shit about anyone else, never did Art school and seemed to march to the beat of her own drum. I love her work and her attitude toward art – she was on her own trip!  Sadly being a crazy woman back then seemed to lead to her demise. Towards the end of her life she was hospitalized in a mental institute due to her deteriorating mind – in those days she was considered cray-cray. If she had been born into today’s world things might of turned out differently.

Acrylic paints on constructed canvas

Acrylic paints on constructed canvas

I remember doing this canvas at art school. The purpose was to create our own canvases constructed from wood board and makeshift frames, then using whatever materials on hand. I used hessian sack, PVA and white acrylic paint to prime the board with, it was pretty big I made 3 but only went crazy on one of them and out of those 3 boards this was the only one that survived.

I remember that particular Art teacher told us just to “Go Crazy” – and I did.

I guess this work was an ode to Seraphine Louis and the true Artist that she really was.

Fuck Rembrandt!

Ok, well I just wanted to share this with whoever out there in the stratosphere might be reading my tiny, little blog.


2 thoughts on “Art School Fail’s

  1. i wanted to comment and i cant remember my user name or password. i like the bottom pic. how is everything Angelique? i got loads of figs from my trees, come and get some if you want. i gotta go to melbourne.another suicide extended family relation. i miss going to little bay with you.

    • Aloha there Angela, it was a lovely surprise to find your comment on my little blog. I haven’t posted in ages and so 2014 I decided I was going to get serious. I am doing ok, a few issues here and there ah! Life! but it’s all good. Figs…yummy! I’m sad to hear about your extended family member. Don’t worry I’ll catch up with you @ little bay before summer’s out…I have been busy creating a lot of wonderful things posting up tomorrow when light is good for photography.

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