All The Pretty Flowers…

In continuing with this year’s kick off celebration of possibilities, discoveries, experimentation and of course the process of beautifying    trash, I will share with you my latest success. Which basically is in the form of a Polynesian inspired floral headpiece. I was actually trying to dream up ways on how to use my fabric flowers that I recently made from old clothing. 


I really wanted to imbue the spirit of beautiful Polynesian flower craft tradition and marry that within a more contemporary context. I played around with textures, colours and composition and came up with something I’m quite proud of. Below is the final product of my headpiece and I draped it over my headboard until I could get my hands on a Polynesian beauty to model for me.


I really love the headdresses worn in a lot of dances or in everyday attire, my favourite being the fresh floral headpieces that are made from tropical flowers like the hibiscus, gardenia, frangipani and various other palm fronds, leaves and buds. I once wore a fresh floral headpiece made by Aunty when I got married but that was some time ago. Of course I didn’t have access to fresh flowers and so I had to make do with do with what I had on hand.


Basically I had a lot of old clothing and some scrap fabric that I intended to upcycle, I started playing around with making fabric flowers, I enjoy using organza fabric because I use a candle to “fix” the ends so they don’t fray. The outcome is amazing and in the future I will keep this blog updated with other creations I have made. For now I will show you what it looks like when it is adorning the crown of a beautiful and adorable young Polynesian beauty – my 15 yr old niece.


I feel really excited about this project because it came out exactly the way I intended, ultra feminine, soft and very spring or summer-ish but mostly I wanted a shabby chic effect with a Polynesian twist as well which I think I have achieved. As always I have excitedly added this to my stock pile over at my ETSY shop AlexisColby.

All orders can be customised and please remember that due to the nature of upcycling and in sourcing a lot of materials a lot of times the same kind of fabrics used in one creation may not be able to be reproduced as fabrics and fabric colors are subject to availability.

Although I see the OOAK (one of a kind) aspect can be applied to a majority of my designs I also firmly believe that this is where the true beauty lies, in it’s uniqueness and inability to be replicated on a commercial scale without compromising it’s special qualities and of course in it’s human touch from hands that love and adore creating.

Now I think that is something worth celebrating.



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