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Today I spent time sifting through some thoughts, writings, rantings, poems and observation’s that I have had for the past 6 months. I wanted to explore love and to me love is all encompassing. Often people get love twisted and they get caught up in the whole mills and boons experience of what love is supposed to be and not what love actually is.


So today I would like to share with you some words on love and my version of it and also my journal that has bared the brunt of my rantings, thoughts, writings, illustrations, decorations and poems. I thought I would take a few pics of some of the pages to look at while I begin today’s lecture on that silly thing called love.


As soon as the word love is mentioned, everyone gets all soft and gooey inside like the centre of a toasted marshmallow. They start recounting all their memories of love past and present, among their collection of stories from the heart, lies the “One true love” or “the one that got away”.

It was always, always beautiful, heady, blissful and for want of a better word it was perfect?


Uh – No. It wasn’t. Love is perfect because perfect love casts out fear. What is perfect love though? Well it’s definitely not romantic love. Perfect love is spiritual, it is eternal, it transcends the limitations of romance, it forgives, it accepts, it is unconditional, perfect love is divine, perfect love is God – that is what perfect love is.



Romantic love on the other hand is far from being perfect love and to me at times romantic love is rather selfish, exclusive and demanding. It’s also insecure, jealous, possessive, dismissive, angry, rageful and at times unbearable. This kind of love is ugly but it’s reality.

Smell, feel, shout, grope, cry, kick, burn, taste, fondle, scream, watch, swallow, caress, whisper, pull, tear,snatch, grab, salivate, kiss, smack, moan, push, hug, bang, stroke, beckon, rip, spoil, crack, smash, lick, grind, hold, touch, beat and play.


These expressions summarize the human experience of love. So Why? Tell me why humans put such great emphasis on romance when we should be putting more emphasis on the greater kind of love that will connect, transform, elevate, expand and encompass all. What ever happened to family, friendship and community love? If someone asked me what I think of love today my answer would be:

Love is tired.   Love is sick.   Love is 3 words. 


I am not loveless.

I am all for it, as long as we are talking about REAL LOVE and real love does not rest upon another person telling you they love you, real love is anything that unites human beings with their higher power and puts them in sync with their environment, plants, vegetation, animals, bodies of water, skies etc. Real love is being in tune with divinity, this is the love we should be striving for, of course I am not dissing the love between man and woman. I am just saying I am a little over the value we place on these kinds of relationships as if anything else short of this is inferior.


I love creating things, I love talking about creating things, I love being inspired by other people who love creating things and I love to see what other creative people in the wider community are creating. Some might say that I am confused and this is only a passion or worse still, a hobby (gag!) but I say no, it is love.

I do it everyday, day in day out, I think about it, dream about it, talk about it, read about it, listen to others talk about it and then something clicks and I decide to do something about it – so I make something or paint something or write something or compose something like a poem or a short story or go for a walk and photograph something maybe even cook something anything, whatever! As long as I am engaging eyes and hands and spending time with my creative “love”. What I’m trying to get at is, that this type of love, is truly a love, it uplifts and fulfils and often times restores my heart, soul and spirit.

This is true love. Romantic love? Pffft! That’s for amateurs.


Okay, okay, okay! I know what you’re thinking, I have, in my previous encounters with romantic love, been scorned, maybe not once or twice but a few times right? No. Wrong, Ha! So there, take that!

Alright…I lied.

Okay – Once!

Possibly twice.

Alright, more than twice – there! Happy now?

However I still don’t believe that real love can be condensed down into 3 small words. Real love comes in the showing and giving, the expression more than the vocalisation. It is not a hopeless romantic comedy boy-meets-girl or another bloody love song, it is the union of two spirits who share friendship, companionship and most importantly life education.


We are a lesson for one another, some lessons are short and sweet or at times short and sour, others are just long winded and painful but if we can try to grasp the true nature of our unions perhaps there wouldn’t be any need for divorce.


Perhaps we just need more time on this earth to sort through all our stuff?

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Who know’s? Maybe we should just all get over the illusion’s we have created in our world to give us comfort or happiness.

I think perhaps we should could just stop saying those 3 words without first fully understanding what it is we are actually saying. To understand this we need to understand ourselves and why we are the way we are.

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“I love you” after all is only just 3 words and most of the time these words are on autopilot to wrap up a conversation between a couple. It is empty, hollow and superficial when it is used in this manner, as a way to say cheerio or goodnight to the person you love.

When I try to picture what love looks like I always get bursts of bright colours, almost like a firework display of reds, greens, blues, violets, pinks, yellows, oranges and purples – I feel like, at that point, the aching desire to start dancing – that’s what I think love on earth should be:

IMG_0788 IMG_0787 IMG_0785

A party of different colours, coming together to celebrate life!



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