Thrift Haul – Sydney, Australia


I wanted to tell you about my awesome weekend I had in Sydney very recently whilst I was back, I totally missed my old thrifting haunts. I will admit the USA beats Australia hands down for thrift hauls however if you are savvy and you know where to go you shouldn’t have too many problems.


I have also decided now that I am back in Sydney that I will dedicate Saturday’s to one of my favourite past times – yup, you guessed right – Thrifting! Weather it’s flea markets, white elephant’s, church stalls, Salvation army, St. Vincent de Paul’s, Red Cross, Oxfam, Goodwill etc I’m already there and I’m all over it 🙂

SecondlyIMG_0935, I have also promised myself to really dig deep into Sydney’s treasure trove of hidden gems –  what retro and vintage jewels await a major Thriftaholic such as myself? Who knows but stay tuned  as I go on my happy huntings in the near future. So today I will post some finds in my local hood  however next week I shall venture out a bit more, the plan is to hit West, East, North and South so  stay tuned.


Lastly, I wanted to mention that I am in the process of opening a 3rd and final Etsy shop (I think 3 shops are pretty much pushing it but manageable). This last shop will consist of vintage and retro finds from Fashion and Accessories to Home Decor (or whatever I can fit in a car or on a plane basically).

IMG_0934 IMG_0971IMG_0943

Ok, enough! Time for my latest thrift haul – Red Cross and St. Vincent De Paul’s – Tomorrow when I finally get my long anticipated camera I shall be taking photo’s of some of my haul on models. These, I plan to put up as first items to go into my vintage Etsy shop. I will be introducing a new model who I found and handpicked because of her amazing face and bone structure so WATCH DIS SPACE peeps!!

I’m out-ski’s…

IMG_0989IMG_0987IMG_0986 IMG_0984

The images above show 2 vintage dresses that I found both from around the same era, circa 1970’s, both made in Australia. The first 2 images show the very girly Spring or Summer frock complete with pink polka dots on the chiffon like fabric. It is a maxi dress designed and made entirely in Brisbane – Queensland, Australia. With the very warm weather over those states you’d want to be clothed in very light attire and I think this kind of dress would have been worn to the Spring Races or Summer picnic. It’s a really fun and frou-frou dress to wear!

Next – I love this Peacock green maxi cocktail dress, another 1970’s gem. This garment has a “waterfall” like effect in the front from the ruched and gathered fabric which shows 1940’s influences, ultra feminine and a standout in at any evening event. Why stop at nocturnal fun? Step out styling, the diamante accents in the bodice that draw attention right up into the neckline, will add a touch of luxe in the day time. 


Above first 2 images are yet another 1970’s party frock. When I look at this dress I can’t help but think shrimp cocktails, cheese fondue and stuffed eggs. It has a velvet bodice with shot silk patterned front skirt that is maxi height, I love the burnt red lush velvet bodice with matching velvet buttons. It’s not really my cup of tea because of the cuffs on the sleeve and the bottom skirt patterning I would have preferred just all velvet or all pattern personally however there is no denying that another fashionista would appreciate this piece in her wardrobe. The last 2 images above I could not resist, it’s Simona brand and made in Australia, feel free to check out the history of Simona fashion house, an Australian icon: This fuschia blouse had me go gaga, made from 100% silk and in a size 16, it has a wraparound effect that defines and accentuates the waist with an elegant cleavage, it would be circa 1980’s or possibly early 1990’s. It’s a real stand alone piece and it will be in my Etsy shop very soon!

IMG_0838 IMG_0837IMG_0994 IMG_0951 IMG_0953 IMG_0954

I’m a sucker for gloves and although I didn’t purchase the grey ones ($3.00) I did get the white lace ones for ($2.00) and they need some gentle bleaching and hand washing before I can put them up on Etsy but rest assured this week most of my fashion items will be modelled by my models – Tyler and Lavinia. The “vintage” fur coat for $30, well winter hasn’t hit this part of the hemisphere yet although it’s always good to prepare but I wasn’t feeling the price tag to be honest with you, I was slightly put off actually. The beige lace up quarter boots got my attention though as did these pretty little yellow kitten heels but they weren’t vintage and I gagged at the ‘made in China’ stamp on the soles of these shoes. 😦  Luckily for me though, at the Red cross I scored the taupe flapper shoes – Made in Italy – Thank you very much for only $1.00!!!!!!!!! Yee haw! The brown pair of shoes are Tony Bianco’s, leather lined and pretty cute peep toes for the office but not vintage and a little worn out, still I took a shot of them for reference.

IMG_0942 IMG_0940 IMG_0939IMG_0997

Yo! Adrian – LOL, I couldn’t resist taking a happy snap of Sylvester in his finest work – errr I mean works, as in plural  sequel sequels – ok I will stop now. Promise. Moving on…I believe this little keyboard/organ is a real rip off for $100 you could buy a new one with midi system and hook it up to your pc or lappy if I were St. Vincent De Paul’s I would take another zero off, I mean these items are donated and I know there retail outlets are a part of them trying to raise capital but sheesh! Get a grip, most people shop at thrift stores because they can’t afford to buy new. Ok, that’s my mini rant on that item. Next item will lighten things up, check it out, this banana hanger prompts me to say “what the…?” not at the actual quirky/kitschiness of it all but the price tag of $4.00! Are you seri-O St vinny’s? Ok that did turn into another mini rant – my bad.

IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0974 IMG_0999 IMG_1001IMG_1002

How about some cool sounds? Kick back, relax and enjoy some…Liberace? (Insert scratched record sound here) Ok, I must admit I did find some good ole’ Englebert Humperdink and his greatest hits, no joke I love this man. I was raised listening to his music, There goes my everything, Release me, Quando, Quando, Quando? 10 Guitars etc these songs really mean a lot to me, when grunge was at it’s peak I was in the closet listening to this dude and his syrupy vocals. I am happy to announce that these days I am no longer ashamed and with pride I hold my head up and say I LOVE ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINK!! Found Joan Baez album 5 and @ $1.00 per vinyl don’t think you can beat that also found “Two Fat Ladies Ride Again” but it cost $6 and on I couldn’t bring myself to buy this for that price. I think a second hand hard cover book at a charity store should be a few dollars. What is the point of being thrifty if you can’t demonstrate your thriftiness at thrift stores? I rest my case.

IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0844 IMG_0843 IMG_0841 IMG_0836 IMG_0840

Some Catholic religious items that although I consider myself a Christian I just feel this kind of stuff is a little scary and so far from the actual truth that I see these kind of things as more kitschy than spiritual. The checkered pantsuit I scored from the Red cross $1.00 per item Summer sale. It’s about a size 8 to small 10 and I bought them to alter and customise but if that doesn’t work out, it will be for the black and white seersucker fabric – a win-win I’d say. Videos are still my thing, DVD’s are nice but I sure wish someone would set up a video store and people went back to video players.

IMG_0975 IMG_0978 IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0955 IMG_0968 IMG_0963 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0961 IMG_0937 IMG_0936 IMG_0930 IMG_0839IMG_0980

The rest of the above items are miscellaneous home decor consisting of crockery, linen, embroidered doilies and glassware. I must of stayed in St. Vincent de Paul’s for 2 hours and the two shop assistants kept passing looks as if they have never, ever come across a thriftaholic die hard such as myself before? Are you seri-Oh? They’re lucky I didn’t stay another 2 hours, I go through everything. So when I scored a pair of ladies black New Balance sports shoes that were in great condition for only $8.00 one of the girls who served me said, “gee, I’ve been looking all over this store for some good sport shoes and I never saw these ones?” – it pays to sift through everything people!

IMG_0834IMG_0947 IMG_0945

I have been looking for a produce basket for a while now to take to the markets with me and I found one today – yay! $3.00 not bad and when not in use for fruit and vegetables can be used for knitting or crafting. ❤ ❤ ❤

So all in all my thrift haul today was pretty awesome and didn’t break the budget either $41. I’d say I’m a happy camper…until we meet again, good night, good evening and good day.


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