Glorious Denim and Sweet Pansies – A Handmade Tale

Aloha! All,

So I found this square shallow basket that was from a Christmas bath and shower gift set, it was headed for the dumpster and I couldn’t bear to trash it. I wondered how I could repurpose it into something pretty and functional. Here are the before pics (BTW these before pics were taken on my iphone and the rest of the images on today’s post were taken with the Canon):

DSC_0002                                    DSC_0001

I can be quite lazy and impatient sometimes but obviously I strive hard not to, to me this blog and my other 2 blogs and Etsy shops are full on and I try to put as much effort as I can into everything I do in life but sometimes it’s a real struggle and I get lazy at other things. So knowing myself I try to have a more simplistic approach within in a timely fashion means I can get projects completed and not left half done or almost finished. This little craft I did was literally done in minutes. Not including the drying time I didn’t use spray paint because I didn’t have any otherwise I would have finished this project in seconds, using a mixture of mod podge, white and lilac acrylic’s I used a brush and just painted it on. After about 2 – 3 coats I knocked up a little flower from repurposing a lilac no bra that was headed for the dump as well. Topped off with ribbon from a price tag, I believe this project shows how you can turn trash into treasure in a very short space of time, take a look…

IMG_0013                                      IMG_0014

Voila! My new earring holder! BTW all the earrings on here were handmade by me except for the bottom white shell hoops (from Hawai’i) on the extreme left and the large yellow pair of wood earrings – I bought those off the street in Harlem, NYC at the African markets, I think I also have a green and red pair and they were a bargain @ $10 for 4 pairs.

IMG_0022 IMG_0021  IMG_0020

Also I wanted to take some shots today using my new Canon camera in a semi low light situation, light was coming from the right side where the window is at and it was late afternoon sun and I’m quite pleased with how these pics turned out.

So here is my Pansies in Reverse Statement bib necklace that can be worn on both sides, pretty pansies in the front and to the back I used black and white floral paper.

IMG_0025          IMG_0015       IMG_0024

Moving on here’s another lovely creation of mine which I’m sure you viewed in my Etsy shop but here it is posing on the back of my bedroom door/studio/HQ. I live in a rented house which is a little old, wood floors and high ceilings is what adds to the charm and I’m in the process of beautification of my environment that I will update you on as I move ahead. Anyway my next statement piece’s are the denim neck pieces made from upcycling old jeans.

IMG_0028 IMG_0039 IMG_0036 IMG_0037IMG_0031IMG_0038

I really love how these turned out and I’m pretty excited about making some more and perhaps next time using a bit more variation.  These flowers were based on some designs I’ve been experimenting with and I have to say I really love the overall effect.

Please mosey on down to my new Etsy shop – AlexisColby where these items are being listed, my shop is a little sparse for stock at the mo but stay tuned as I craft along and fill it up:

Unfortunately I have some bad news 😦 todays planned photoshoot is being postponed for Saturday because of the really bad weather and since it’s going to be an outdoor shoot we all decided we could not risk shooting in very bad light and with the overcast comes the threat of rain. However, on the bright side I’m heading off with a friend of mine who loves nothing better but to spend the day thrifting – yay!

Until next time 🙂


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