Nikon vs Canon?

Aloha! All,


Yesterday I finally got my hands on the much anticipated new camera. The Canon EOS 600D – Rebel T3i, I know I have had my rant about Canon cam’s in the past and I still hold strong to my previous view however that being said I could not pass up the opportunity to grab it for the sale price of $498 so I saved $100 – $200. I could of gotten it second hand off Craigslist or Gumtree but with things like technology it’s hard to know who you are buying off and with brand new you get the warranty too. Now I don’t believe that Canon is a better brand than Nikon in my opinion which is based on my own personal (bad) experience.


I don’t care what the tech geeks say or the reviews say and I don’t care that most of the film industry is leaning on Canon because all that goes out the window when one has personally owned 2 brand spanking new Canon camera’s only for it to die in the first week of purchase. When I took it to repair under warranty I was advised that if I was at fault, Canon wouldn’t replace however if the Canon repair team can prove it was their fault, I will get a brand new replacement. That was fine by me, all I had done was turn it on, put a memory card in it and took a few shots to test out the device only to discover to my horror that it turned off and when I tried to turn it back on again it wouldn’t turn on.

I tried to follow the manual instructions that said to reset it but it still wouldn’t work. Within 2 weeks I was advised that Canon had found out the camera I purchased had a defect and for the inconvenience caused they offered an upgrade to a more expensive model and that I could pick it up immediately. Okay, not to worry, I believe in second chances and it was good timing too since the purpose of me buying a new camera was so that I could take it with me on my Caribbean/Miami/Mexico vacation. Alas, within 2 days of being in Miami same problem. It wouldn’t switch on, I tried resetting it even tried changing the battery and memory card but to no avail. Infuriated because I couldn’t afford another camera and because I was reduced to those throw away cams that took very bad pics of me in Mexico I decided that Canon was not for me.


As a student of photography and film I can honestly say that it really scarred me. On the other hand my trusty Nikon D60 purchased with twin lenses for under $1,000 in 2008 has been my faithful companion until this very day. It has travelled the world with me, been in a lot of close “water” situations and even been accidentally dropped on some occasions I am ashamed to admit and once in Los Angeles Exposition park I lost it and panicked! Two unbelievably nice security guards leapt to my rescue and after a few minutes on their walkie talkies they were happy to give me the good news: that some really honest soul had found it and returned it to front desk – how utterly relieved I was.

I felt truly blessed by the big Spirit in the Sky, I was being looked out for 🙂

That camera I affectionately refer to as “my baby” is like a real trooper it has never, ever let me down so far, how can I not pledge undying allegiance and loyalty to Nikon. Sorry camp Canon but I only bought this camera today because of the sale price and because I missed out on Nikon’s D3100 sale by a hair. It took me many years and big inner struggle to make this purchase and I did a lot of research and decided I would buy a Canon one more time and that is why I own a Canon today.


I can already sense the difference, of course it takes clear, crisp pictures against my D60 because I lost one of my lenses that came with my Nikon that would of matched the quality of the Canon and because it’s an older model. The plastic on the Canon feels so matte it’s uncomfortable like it’s going to scratch off any second and I’m going to be precious with it because of my past dealings with this brand. I will keep a copy of the warranty because who know’s how long this camera will last me? BTW these shots of the Canon camera were taken with my trusty old friend – Nikon D60.

Well all in a day’s work I say and now it’s that time of the evening for me to hit the hay but before I go beddy byes I will leave you with some food for thought: Nikon or Canon?


You know who I will be voting for…Who knows? I may change my mind in the future…um….but me thinks not.

Nighty night 🙂



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