About Me…


Welcome all.

A few things about me…

Firstly I try to honour God, our Divine Creator – without which we are nothing. I am not perfect nor do I claim to be but I’m struggling and striving like anyone else out there to connect with God using the gifts He gave me:

The gifts of creativity and expression – I live to share my gifts with those around me, friends, family, my creative community and humanity at large.

I’m originally from beautiful Aeoteroa (New Zealand) and I was raised by foraging parents who fished, hunted, gathered and respected this kind of life. From this upbringing that was instilled inside me from such a young age I have often wondered how I could apply this precious knowledge. Little did I know that I was actually using these skills everyday, I grow my own herbs and flowers for beauty and medicine, I also get to the ocean in warmer months and try to source as much food as I can – when I am doing these things I can actually feel my spirit being nourished and fed as opposed to mindlessly wandering about in a supermarket.

That being said though, it’s so hard to live this free in an unfree world so my aim is to create a place of beauty and healing and abundance in a corner of the world that is still unspoilt.

I love to take photo’s to document everyday life so I can avoid being dull.

The person I am is one who loves and appreciates beauty and I am also a firm believer that being beautiful begins from deep within.

If there was a button that read: I LOVE THRIFTING! I would wear it everyday…

Having a passion for vintage clothing particularly from the 1980’s. (Think Alexis Colby-Carrington, Blanche Devereux). My favourite designers from a by-gone era include; Diane Fries, Zandra Rhodes and Australian knitwear designer Jenny Kee.

What I am crazy about is hard to put down into one category but if I had to name a few… making things like my own jewelry and clothing, my own artwork and designs, victory gardens, thrifting, curbside finds, design hacks, wholesome foods, photography, turning trash into treasure animation and film, collecting and customising dolls and trying to live day by day without spending any or very little money. 

On that note, please feel free to check out any one of my three Etsy shops I have recently started where I sell all my handmade jewelry and home decor items and much more and you can check it out here:

Alexis Colby

I also sell all things vintage, tiki and polynesian of yesteryear – retro fashion and home decor. Fashion from Diane Freis and Hilo Hattie’s, I have particularly paid attention to the 1980’s and 1990’s because I know these era’s well. I do stock some items from the 1970’s and a few from 1960’s I will be adding as well. If this is up your alley please browse around here:


To touch on the subject of wholesome foods I am in the process of beautifying my garden and growing things for medicine, eating and to admire of course of course I will record my journey and it will be included on this blog as well. I am reinvestigating my love affair with raw foods although I must admit I do tend to slip here and there and totally indulge in soul food. Well, enjoy life I say to the fullest which includes indulging now and again right? 😛

Living a creative life means having a creative approach and attitude to life. I love dining out and eating out like everyone else, lately though as the cost of living has increased and driven food prices up to an awful high, it’s become less and less of an option for me especially now since I no longer work a regular 9 -5. For me I look at this as a creative challenge and not the end of the world. I still go to cafes and enjoy a good cup of coffee now and again but I no longer buy the fancy breakfasts like “Creamy oatmeal with stewed apple, raisin and cinnamon compote, drizzled with local honey and topped with roasted flaked almonds, served with vanilla bean french toast” – sounds unbelievably yummy and for $12.50 you can certainly sample this fine fare. Of course I can’t afford it, back in the day I would of bought 2 of these and not have balked at all however these days are spent a lot more frugally and I actually appreciate and enjoy life a lot more because of my quiet practice of restraint.

I don’t deprive myself though like some may think, I don’t see it that way I see it as controlling myself. Like I said I still visit these lovely cafe’s, mainly for the quaint and quirky atmosphere and when I can have it, the good coffee too. However, these days I will look at their menu and see what I can copy and do at home for much less. Yes, folks I have created cafe hacks and it’s not that hard either you just have to think a little differently.

It is very clear that we are living in some very troubled times and as creative people I believe we are responsible to show our greater community out there that if we unite and become more knowledgeable in many ways that can free ourselves from debt and in turn escape the whole awful system that only serves to oppress us.

I welcome you to my blog, come on in, take a look around and feel free to leave a comment or two (as long as they are positive) you can also send me an email or just to go to the tab entitled “Koha” and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

GOD created all such things so that we could grow, learn, share, pray, connect, create, think, run, gather, eat, love, whistle, bathe, fish, dance, jump, touch, sew, make, walk, see, laugh, hurt, draw, hug, bake, cry, sprout, hunt, talk, mend, break, dream, read, hope, teach and heal – we were created to LIVE!


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